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Ch.Jumars Jeepers I'm Broke
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Reg. Name: Jumars Jeepers I'm Broke
Call Name: ---
Ch.J-Dons Moonlight Madness
Ch.J-Dons Go For Broke
Sex: Female
Color: Black & White
Birth Date:

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  • Ch.My-Ida-Ho N Jems Grahamkracker
  • My-Ida-Ho n Jems Hush Puppy
  • Ch.My-Ida-Ho n Jems I'm the one
  • Ch.My-Ida-Ho n Jems Just Lucky
  • My-Ida-Ho n Jems Lola
  • Ch.My-Ida-Ho n Jems Lolita
  • Ch.My-Ida-Ho N Jems Nabisco
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  • Ch.My-Ida-Ho N Jems torchlite
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  • Ch.My-Ida-Ho n Jems Xtra Special
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  • Ch.My-Ida-Ho Way to Look
  • Ch.My-Ida-Ho Xclusive Tri
  • Ch.My-Ida-Ho Xtra Good
  • Can.Ch.Stonewalk Square Shooter
    Ch.J-Dons Go For Broke
    Ch.Jumars Jeepers I'm Broke
    Ch.J-Dons Moonlight Madness